Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Loss or Gain?

Today has been an emotional day. Last night I found out that someone that I knew and whom I had great respect for had passed away. I was overcome with emotion, not just because it was a shock and unexpected but also thinking about the implications for her family and loved ones.

Whilst I'm still deeply saddened, I have learnt to shift my perspective a little. Whilst people may no longer be with us and we may miss them, we have not truly lost. In reality we gained from having them in our lives and from knowing them.

Today I also learnt the importance of appreciation. When you value someone and what they have done for you, let them know! I think sometimes people think I'm being insincere when I tell them how much they mean to me but I'd rather they know the truth in case I don't get the chance again.

R.I.P Lynne Millward. It was an honour and a pleasure to have known you and you will be greatly missed. You made a real difference to lots of people and I'm sure you didn't even realise.