Thursday, January 5, 2012

Letters that I'll never send

So its around 3.15 am and I can't sleep. Then I get to thinking: how good would it be if I could write a letter to anyone or anything in the world saying EXACTLY how I feel! So naturally I started writing these letters straight away.

The first of these is quite bitter but it felt good writing it. The next two were quite heartfelt. All in all it was a very cathartic experience, one which I may try again. Who needs therapy when you can just write letters that you'll never send!

Letter 1 :

Dear Mr. Wannabe Gyalist,

You may be surprised to hear from me. After all, our last encounter wasn't too great (well at least not for me). When I decided to pen these letters, surprisingly you were on the fore front of mind. I'm not going to ask how you are or what you're up to. I'm not sure I'm really interested. I probably should rant at you about how you abused my trust and made a fool out of me but to be honest I can't be bothered. You didn't seem to care then so why would you care now? I guess it's understandable that sometimes people change their minds: one moment you want a relationship, the next moment you want every girl you can find. Fair dues. It's your life. But one thing I'll say is that you sure missed out. In hindsight it was all for the best. If I'd settled for you I would've sold myself short and Lord knows I can do better! No disrespect, just real talk. They say life's a lesson so I guess I should thank you for helping me to see my true worth.

P.S Sleeping with every girl you can find will probably only end up with you getting AIDS. Sorry mate.

Letter 2: A letter to my 11 year old self:

Hi Lauren. I thought I would write to you and give you a little encouragement. I just wanted to tell you that things will be ok. Everything yet to come: all the ups and downs, the tears and the pain will all be for a reason. Although at times you may not see it or may not understand why things have happened, please know that you are special.  Please know that you have been, and always will be loved and as long as you hold onto that you will do just fine! Keep your head up and keep believing that your dreams will come true.

Love you lots,

Your future self x

Letter 3: A letter to my heart

I guess this a mixture of a sorry and a thank you letter! I know I wouldn't be here without you but I also know I've put you through some hard times. I probably should have guarded you a bit better instead of putting you out there for people to abuse you, but I promise from now on I will be wiser with whom I entrust you to. Despite the bruising you experienced, you've been more than generous. You've allowed me to be passionate and to share love. I know sometimes you and my mind disagree but I trust you. Thanks for keeping me going.